Apr 25, 2014


for love & lemons dress, lace dress, allthingsslim, ombre hair, birthday dress
lilac dress, lace dress, ombre hair, allthingsslim, maternity fashion,

(Photos by Trevor)

I'll be your gift. Give you something good to celebrate... - Katy Perry

It's time to bring out the big balloons -not including the one under my dress lol. Even though I am extremely pregnant, I couldn't not celebrate my birthday! Also, my baby, ALLTHINGSSLIM, just turned 2, so even though I barely made it to 9pm (pregnant problems), the hubby made sure that I had a memorable night.

For the occasion, I went with this pretty lace dress in Lilac by For Love & Lemons. I can't wait to see how dope this dress will look post-baby if it's this beautiful at 37 weeks. Originally, I was wearing nude pumps, but I didn't want for my feet to get tired, so I threw on these Zara sandals instead (it looked cute both ways ultimately). 

This has been such an amazing time in my life. My baby #1 is home, baby #2 IS 2 and I am so thankful to all of you guys for rocking with ALLTHINGSSLIM for so long *cheers to many more years!*, and finally, my actual baby will be here at any moment. I certainly have a LOT to celebrate.

xx Slim




Shayla Greene, or Slim, as her friends call her, is a stylist, entrepreneur, and digital influencer.

The bottle blonde has spent the last 10 years living and working between her native Los Angeles and her adopted home, NYC. She began in fashion PR and eventually moved on to styling. While working for top publications and a few celebrities, her outfits and DIY hair turned heads on set. After realizing her affordable style drew as much interest as the luxury items she worked with, Slim created ALLTHINGSSLIM in 2012.

In a few short years, ATS has become a go-to for cool girls with a budget around the world. As a digital influencer, she has participated in campaigns with brands such as Bebe, Nasty Gal, Puma, and Victoria's Secret. The Army wife and new mother to Dylan and Baby Declan is currently residing near Fort Bragg, NC. Be sure to check out her party decor line Slim Crafts and her apparel shop Bottle Blonde!

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