Jan 13, 2014


bebe print outfit, print skirt set, ombre hair, lucite clutch, allthingsslim
lucite clutch, print skirt, allthingsslim,
clear heels, lucite sandals, allthingsslim,

(Photos by me)

This water tells my story. This water knows it all... - Jay Z feat. Frank Ocean

The only thing almost as good as the actual ocean is wearing things that remind me of the ocean. Enter this cute little set I got from BEBE. When I saw it, I instantly fell in love and rushed to the fitting room to make sure my bump could work in it. I refuse to become dowdy just because I'm pregnant!

Not that I will be wearing anything crazy... But I certainly had taste before my bump couldn't be hidden, so I intend to keep my sexy flowing lol. I ended up wearing it with a purple and blue clear clutch I got from Nasty Gal (my bangles are from there too), and clear shoes on Christmas. 

Feeling all be beachy in my oceany attire (not to mention it was 82 degrees and beautiful!), I couldn't resist heading to the beach after eating Christmas lunch to work on my tan. Can't keep a girl away from her favorite place! 

xx Slim


  1. Looking good girl! Still working it..with the bump and all!

  2. looking good !!


  3. This is such a cute outfit.


  4. Dying for this complete look but only the skirt is on their website. Not the top...??

  5. are the shoes comfortable without a strap across the toes for support?


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