Jan 29, 2014


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(Photos by me)

Don't ask why I roll with a crew and twist up my fingers and wear dark blue... - Snoop Dogg

In an effort to keep it casual chic for a day of shopping with my mom, I decided to wear this dope, long line, cobalt blazer I got from Nasty Gal. I'm a bit lazy (this little guy sucks up all of my energy lol), so I was in the mood for jeans and a racerback. 

I really love these super skinny maternity jeans I got from Asos. In the beginning I was super discouraged about buying maternity clothes (ick!), but they have a great selection of denim there for a good price I won't feel guilty paying (since I'll only be wearing them for a couple of months). Under my blazer, I'm rocking this cute black racerback -you guys know I love those!

To finish my look, I added these really cute heels I got from Zara about 2 months ago, and this really pretty Celine inspired bag I found at Shoe Dazzle. First, I love Celine bags (but probably won't be buying one anytime soon as I have a baby on the way), and second, the colors are so dope. I added some bracelets I got from Aldo Accessories, and I was ready to go. You guys feeling the look? Let me know!

xx Slim


  1. Love how you put everything together especially the bag ! xo


  2. I have fell in love with your outfits. I am doing a fashion friday segment on my website tomorrow. I was wondering if there was anyway I could speak with you privately...

  3. Great outfit, i love your outfits :) Visit me on my blog, maybe follow each other? :)


  4. Gorgeous!!! you make pregnancy look so chic..Love love the outfit . CONGRATS!!!!!



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