Dec 20, 2013


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(Photos by me)

Tell 'em get the referee 'cause he can get the knockout. - Lil Wayne

I started out wanting to wear this cute "Adieu" cropped top by Morning Warrior, and ended up walking out of the house looking like a fly referee lol. I love it though. The leather look made me think sporty, so I grabbed this cute visor and from there, piled on some silver.

How dope is this necklace though? I fell in love with it the moment I saw it in TopShop. Keeping with the black and white, I added this pleated skirt (also Forever21) and grabbed my fave Jeffrey Campbell sandals I loved in the Summer.

To "winterize" my look, I added some cozy socks and a faux leather varsity jacket I bought in the Summer from Forever21. All that I'm missing is a whistle, right?

xx Slim


  1. awesome outfit:)
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  2. Great outfit my dear, I am so in love with that skirt! xx

  3. I love your outfit! You look great in every post;)

  4. Seriously though, you are a swag CHAMP.. Love how you styled the socks with the heels... Pure genius


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