Dec 11, 2013


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(Photos by me)

Look at me now! I feel on top of the world in my fashion... Sway! - Lady Gaga

Lookin' good and feel in' fine... Isn't that what every girl wants? With the holiday season in full effect, I wanted to go for a festive look, and this dope sequin romper from Clothes Envy felt perf. Although it's simple, the mesh in the back give it plenty of oomph.

To accessorize, I popped on a gold and black necklace and bangle I got from Forever21 a while back, and a thin black belt to break up the sequin. To finish off the look, I wore some Gucci inspired sandals, also from Clothes Envy. With a few curls and metallic lippy, I was ready to shine on. Happy holidays!

xx Slim


  1. Gorgeous! I was scrolling through for a back shot... then my heart sank lol. I haven't found a way to rock backless or scoop back outfits since my DDD boobs require a bra. I know some ladies will throw on a bra and keep it moving, but I feel like it cheapens the look and is distracting. Very nice ensemble on you, per the usual.

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  5. Seeing how good this look on you, you may wanna check this tribal romper with sleeves


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