Aug 28, 2013

Shakin' + Ombre Tutorial Video

*Bonus: The video below is on my new hair:)

NastyGal Magic Hour Maxi Dress / H&M Necklace and Bangles / Jessica Simpson Heels

(Photos by Trevor)

Well I've forgotten what it feels like to feel normal. To be normal... -Rooney

How amazing is this NastyGal maxi dress? It gives me all kinds of 70's vibes and awesomeness. I originally wore it on my trip to Miami, but I wasn't able to shoot it because I was too busy having fun lol. I couldn't not share it with you guys though, it's just too cute!

With some gold jewelry and my chunkiest platforms, (long, straight, Cher-ish hair too), I brought my Cali hippy spirit to the sticks.

I've been living on an army base in North Carolina for the last few weeks, and I've got to tell you guys, it's funny being the only fashion girl here. Eventually, this will all feel normal, but for now, I'm shakin'. 

xx Slim


  1. ♥♥♥ your shoes & your hair looks lush!! xx

    - Selorm♥

  2. I love this style. It's so 90's

  3. such a beautiful look !
    visit my blog :

  4. You look gorgeous as usual! Such a stunning outfit , I want it all girl! xoxo


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