Jul 18, 2013

Moving Mountains

Lilly's Kloset Two-Piece Turquoise Set (top worn backwards) / Nasty Gal Body Chain / Michael Antonio Heels (similar here and here)

(Photos by Trevor)

It's like moving mountains. I'm trying to move this mountain. - Usher

Sierra Vista, AZ is a hilarious place. It's seriously in the middle of nowhere, and all of the soldiers claim that the most dope place in town is the Applebee's. I'm sure you can imagine just how out of place I feel in a place with literally no fashion, but that's not going to stop me from dressing up!

I've been coming here just about every month since I've been allowed to visit him, and I must say that everyone is so friendly. And the women I meet (especially at the Circle K where I get my Pepsi's and candy) love my ensemble choices. This was one of their faves.

This super dope color-blocked two piece is from Lilly's Kloset. I wore the top backwards to add a bit more abs to it. Underneath, I wore a body chain for fun, and finished it off with some Givenchy inspired heels I bought a few years back. A girl's gotta look good for her man! I will admit that this 500+ mile drive is tough, like moving mountains, but seeing that happy face when I pull up is so worth it.

xx Slim


  1. i like your outfit very much !
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  2. Agreed.... You mos def have to look good for your man, when you only get to see him once a month. I totally understand having to do that, I live in Az, and I have to go to visit LA every month to visit my boo whenever our schedules allow. Oh, and Az is certainly not a Fashion spot, I'm from LA and I'm always dressed up, sexy/edgy, and the stares are hilarious like "where the hek is she going? and in my mind, I'm saying "I had to get fully dressed to go to the corner store lol!"

    You look fab, love you outfit choices! :)

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    1. Hey girl. lol well I haven't been around Phoenix... I'm sure it's better than Fort Huachuca lol. Will do. thanks xx

  3. BOMB as always.

  4. Yes! You've got to look good for your man and yours is a really lucky guy x

    O.R.R's BLOG

  5. Killed it! (:


  6. ah you look amazing, i swear i saw you ( or a twin ) at the standard hotel in LA the other week x

    1. You probably definitely did if it was at night. Thank you! xx

  7. I love that you've worn the top backwards! Definitely taking that tip XD the outfit is gorgeous! xxx

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  9. cute outfit

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