Jul 23, 2013


(Photos by me)

If our love is insanity why are you my clarity? - Zedd

You are the piece of me I wish I didn't need... Especially considering that you are an article of clothing and this may just be an indication that I'm either crazy, or addicted to shopping. But that is neither here nor there lol. In case you're wondering, I'm speaking of none other than the little black cut out. 

As much as I fight -and I don't know why, I just keep finding myself returning to black dresses with a little oomph. I could no more stop myself from adding it to my cart than I could force myself to hold my breath. When I saw this beauty on nastygal.com, I HAD to get it.

I was headed to the Mrs. Carter Tour (because you know girls love Beyonce), so I wanted to keep it chic. I added silver Steve Madden REALOVE heels, a silver bracelet, and my triangle clutch. Perfection. Oh LBCO, why are you my remedy?

xx Slim


  1. love the look. along with that lace triangle clutch so nice and different


  2. Stunning black dress! Love how u paired it with the silver heels ;)

  3. You look absolutely stunning! I'm so glad I stumbled on one of your looks on lookbook! Gold mine!


  4. looks amazing!^_^
    Do you want to follow eachother with?))

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