Jun 12, 2013


(Photos by me)

Can't get no sun in your shadow... I've been living off the last time your warm me with your words.- Colbie Caillat

We all know that I love a good red dress. Although many of our mothers and grandmothers think it's a color reserved for "hoochies" and "harlots" (lol lol), I think it's for divas and sirens. Black is sexy, white is crisp, but few colors bring the same oomph as red.

For a night out dancing, I slipped on my new red dress I got from ShopAkira. I was drawn to it first for the color, and second for the dope cutouts and the scuba material. As many of you may recall, I've been working on my dress collection.

To finish the look, I just added my fave studded sandals. As old as they are, they still make me hype every time I slip them on. Nobody could tell me I wasn't cute! lol With a swipe of red lipstick, I was ready to dance. And just as I figured, I walked in the club and left everyone else in my shadow. 

xx Slim 


  1. That dress was meant for your body! Wow, you look great! Very nice shoes too. xx Pip

    Easy Outfits by Pip

  2. That dress is perfect! Totally agree with you about the color because I have a similar red dress !
    You look amazing and you have a perfect body! Xx


  3. That dress is smokin' and looks amazing on you.

  4. Red hot dress, love it


  5. That dress is super hot!

    Jillian - http://epic-thread.blogspot.com

  6. Wow, you look super hot! Work it ;)



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