Jun 9, 2013

Brooklyn (Go Hard)

Urban Outfitters Hello Brooklyn Tee / Zara Culotte Shorts (blue in store) / Lush Blazer /  Nasty Gal Zuri Cutout Bootie 

(Photos by me)

Now when I bring the Nets I'm the black Branch Rickey... - Jay-Z

In homage to my adopted second home, and a nod to my BK beau, I got this Brooklyn Nets Tee on a trip to Urban. Though I'm one of those girls who HATES sports (not an exaggeration), I dig the sporty chic look. It's right up there with Chola for me: a must. 

I hadn't worn my Zara skort that everyone has been obsessed with all season yet, so I figured it was the perfect time to bring it out. My tee and skort with a similar colored blazer I've had forever seemed like a winner. I added a huge neon clutch, also from Zara, to keep it girly.

To finish the look, I zipped up my heels from NastyGal's new shoe line, ShoeCult. The laces and chunky heel keep these in line with my Sporty Spice meets Gwen vision. With a swipe of red lippy, I was ready to go. Are you guys digging the sporty look this Spring/Summer? Let me know! 

xx Slim


  1. I am so obsessed with that Zara skort and I love your way of wearing it. Even though it's everywhere, I own it in white color and you can wear in on plenty of different ways. Amazing! Xx


  2. I totally agree with the love/hate relationship with sports!!

  3. I also have the Zara skort, I love being sporty, and adding edge to my daily looks. Luv your outfit!

  4. Nice to see the infamous skort in blue, I just purchased it in white and I can't wait to wear it.

    xo S.

  5. Loved the way you pieced this outfit together!! My husband is from Brooklyn, so big ups to the shirt!! You look great!!!




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