May 16, 2013


 NastyGal Search And Destroy Skinny Jeans (similar here) / NastyGal Strapped Bodysuit / Headressed Flower Snapback / Forever21 Cuff / TopShop Necklace and belt / Zigi Soho Heels / DIOR Earring

(Photos by me)

Catch me in the mall / you know I buy it out - Ciara

It's starting to feel a lot like Summer and I am definitely here for it. 90+ degree weather, beach days, the smell of BBQ in the air, carnivals, being tan... Yasss! I just want to soak it all in before it's over.

I recently found out that I'm going to be moving to TX soon. As in, like, in a month, soon. How I, as a true blue Cali girl, am going to survive in a landlocked state is beyond my scope of thinking. I immediately reached for my Cali hat.

In a look that wound up someplace around "Rhythm Nation" meets 90's, I hit the carnival to enjoy one of my fave local things to do. I'm obsessed with this NastyGal bodysuit and these destroyed skinnies. I guess threw my clothing I can take Cali with me everywhere -like I did to NY so many years ago. There's noting one can do except enjoy life's ride.

xx Slim


  1. I am so in love with this outfit! That body is perfect just like those jeans! You look amazing xx

  2. Yes, that move to TX is soon lol! I had a weird transitiion with my move from Los Angeles, to Arizona a few months ago with literally two weeks notice. I packed my bags, and headed to Arizona. I didn't realize a state so close to home would be a super change from easy, breezy Cali. I can admit, I am still adjusting to being in a dry state, its extremely hot, but my LA wardrobe has made its stamp on Az. I've learned to not layer, and just have fun with staple pieces. In this case less is mos def more lol!

    I can't wait to see your post from TX, They have great places to shoot. I'm sure you will adjust fine.

    -xx, Morgan Ashley

  3. You look great!!!

  4. I really like your outfit :)
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  5. i had the same amount of time when i moved from VA to AZ. talk about a huge transition..
    i like this outfit. esp those jeans!


  6. girl u are hot !!
    Amazing Blog !!! Greets from germany :) I am following you now :D
    Berlin Fashion

  7. Only just found your blog through Missguided's Facebook page, but I am your newest follower! In love with your style and you are so gorgeous girl!


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