May 29, 2013

Murda Bizness

LuvB Hellz Bellz Murder Bizness Tee / Urban Outfitters BDG Lou High/Low Shorts / TopShop Harness Belt / Forever21 Bangles / NastyGal Bullet Necklace / Dr. Marten's Boots 

(Photos by me)

My outfit murk bishes. Click click bang bang we in the murda business... - Iggy Azalea

When it comes to getting dressed, I only have two rules: hit the scene and kill ish. We in the murder business... I never saw "dressing down" or being "comfortable" as an excuse to not look great. Like, who says jeans and a tee can't turn heads?

This day, I was just hanging out with my cousin E -shopping and such, so I wanted to keep it low key but still look dope. I decided today was the perfect day for my Hellz Bellz Murder Queen tee from ShopLuvB. With my current fave Urban cutoffs, my bullet necklace, and my harness belt that almost resembles a holster, I was dressed to kill.

To finish my look, I threw on a few bangles (spikes and handcuff of course) and my Docs. I def love this look. It's a perfect combination of low key and fresh. Remember: jeans and a tee don't have to be basic, because even when you dress down, you must dress to kill bang bang.

xx Slim


  1. Loove that tshirt darling! And shorts are amazing xx

  2. Ah, love your style <3.
    New follower here!

  3. bang bang! murder! love ur style


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