May 15, 2013

Little Red Corvette

(Photos by Erika)

Little red corvette. Baby, you're much too fast... - Prince

I recently went to Arizona to visit my Trevy, and before I left,  I was searching for the most sexy dress I could find. Since it'd been a long time since I'd seen him in South Carolina, I had to break out the big guns: red. The moment I spotted this bandage dress on Celeb Boutique, I knew it was the "one". 

Although I had never ordered from them before, one of my good friends NK told me that their dresses were the truth. She wasn't lying. The color and quality is everything! Once I slipped it on, I knew I didn't need to add much. As flat-chested as I am, I swear it gives me almost cleavage no bra needed (!!!).

To finish my look, I put on my Ruby Woo, fluffed up my hair, lined my eyes, and zipped up these cute Forever21 sandals I got because they remind me of these. I am very in to red on red, so it gave me everything I was going for.  Based on my personal experiences, I strongly believe that red gives you the power to hypnotize men. Let's just say he was puddy in my hands:)

xx Slim


  1. My goodness, I feel sorry for any guy who comes in contact with you today cos damn girl you rocking that dress. You look hot.


  2. Girl your always pinpoint with your outfits

  3. cute outfit :)
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  4. Crazy! Love love love it! The red is so you! You killed these photos too!

  5. I hope you'll keep an eye out on my blog later today. I'll be featuring this as one of the looks I love today.


  6. Killin' the Game with this outfit! Simply Gorgeous! - Professor JT

  7. Smoking hot! you totally killed it! The red suits you...

  8. You have that fire like Beyonce in your pics. Nice photos

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