May 12, 2013


2BStores Cora Dress (Similar Dress Here) / NastyGal Audrey Circle Shades / Zara Lucite Clutch / 2BStores Heels / NastyGal Lucite Bangle (Similar one here)

(Photos by me)

Yeah 3,2,1. Lights, camera, transaction. - Incubus

One of my biggest concerns about things that I purchase when I'm shopping is how well the garment will flatter my shape. Unless I'm purposefully wearing an oversized tee or racerback with a skirt or skinny jeans, a defined waist is a non-negotiable for me. Anything that shows off my waist-to-hip ratio is usually a winner in my book.

When I spotted this super cute dress from 2Bstores, I knew it was the perfect dress to show off the curves I do have (because we all see where I lack them *ahem* boobs lol). With its color blocked sides (which remind me of Stella McCartney's beautiful dresses) and midi length, this dress is dangerous!

Keeping with the black and white theme, I threw on my Audrey shades from NastyGal (how dope are these?!) and my Zara clutch and insert. To finish the look, I wore these dope 2B cut out lucite heels. I'd say I'm camera ready for action.

xx Slim



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