Apr 5, 2013

Swim Good

 Minimale Animale Jane Fonda Bikini (coming April 20th) / DollsKill UNIF Penny Jumper / Karmaloop Jeffrey Campbell Attina Boots / DIY Body Chain

(Photos by Erika)

I'mma try to swim from something bigger than me. Kick my shoes off and swim good. - Frank Ocean

Obsessed probably isn't a strong enough word to describe how I feel about this bikini. Mesh, high waist, sexy as all get out? Yes, yes and Yasss! It being white makes it literally the best bikini ever in life, though I admit I felt like I should work out before I wore it lol.

I won't lie and say I ever got to working out -I tried. After letting it sit in my drawer a few months, I couldn't resist breaking it out. Who can wait for Summer? Let alone a Beyonce body. For my day at the pool, I decided to add a dope cover up and body chain.

These super fresh overall shorts by UNIF were immediately added to my cart when I spotted them on DollsKill. I fully intend to wear them all Summer. Whether or not I ever get to my workout DVD remains to be seen, but my vacation is booked and I can't wait to take this beauty on vacation. She deserves to swim good.

xx Slim


  1. The swim wear is everything I love it! Very different and unique.

  2. Oh I need that Jumper ! It's so cute !

  3. wow the bathing suit is amazing,i love the mesh and i love frank ocean swim good,


  4. I'm in love with this swim suit, the pics are just perfect to me!

  5. girl you just killed everyone!!!!!!!!!! that bathing suit looks bomb on you!

  6. You look amazing <3 I'm in love with your swim suit!

  7. what size are you did you get? looks fab!

    1. I got a size small. It fits perfectly. Thank you!

  8. what is your measurements? i want to get it but not sure what size to get

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