Feb 11, 2013



Zara tiger sweatshirt, TopShop Carey high waist jeans, Geneva J Black Acid Wash Haircalf Triangle clutch, Zigi Soho heels, Chanel necklace, Forever 21 bangles, Wasteland spike bangle

(Photos by me)

The reason I hold on... 'Cause I need this hole gone... - Rihanna

Not really sure how to feel about it, but I'm definitely in a funk. It's probably a combination of the cold, not being able to talk to someone I care about, and my latest trip to New York being quite possibly the WORST trip I have ever taken. Let's just say I'm beyond happy to be back in SoCal (Nemo can't hold me back!) and to get back to shooting. 

Unfortunately, my bad mood came back to Cali with me (boo). I didn't really feel like getting dressed, so I kept my look low key and threw on blue jeans (as you guys may have noticed, I very rarely wear blue jeans) from TopShop and a dope Kenzo-esque sweatshirt I picked up at Zara. 

To finish it off my look, I added a few bangles, a simple Chanel necklace, blinged out shoes (look, my version of low key is a little... more than the typical lol) and a super cute Geneva J triangle clutch that was waiting for me when I got home (!!!). I think I managed to look cute considering my funk. I promise I won't stay all gloom and doom and will be back to normal soon. 

xx Slim


  1. You look gorgeous and I love your shoes! Hope your mood lightens soon :)


  2. Beautiful outfit love... Check out mine as well

  3. Wow this post makes me want to get a pair of carey jeans :) just wondering if they fit true to size? like if they are tagged w25 will they fit w25? :) thanks!


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