Feb 19, 2013

Started From The Bottom + OOTD Video

ShopAkira Lace & Mesh Bust Romper w/ Chiffon Tail,  Jeffrey Campbell SOIREE lucite heels, H&M arm chain, Wasteland bangle

(Photos by me) 

We don't like to do too much explaining.Story stays the same I never changed it. -Drake  

It's definitely getting close to 10 years since my friends and I graduated from high school. Despite feeling old, (wah!) I am so blown away by how close to reaching and exceeding our goals my friends and I are. Through graduating (or leaving) university and coming out to minimal jobs and massive debt, we hustled, we networked, and we created our own jobs.

I won't sit here and pretend that freelancing is easy, but I will say that there's nothing better than LOVING your job and I'm beyond proud of us. This brings me to my new mood: being grateful and proud. Ready to celebrate the good things in life, I wanted to look Gone With The Wind fabulous. Black being my go-to fab color, I started with my new amazing lace/mesh romper from ShopAkira. 

It's dark, dramatic, sexy, and I'm pretty much obsessed. I wanted to keep my jewelry minimal, so I just added two very dope bracelets and finished it off with my SOIREEs (shout out to my friends that are sick of them!). I love this look, turned heads, and had an awesome time dancing with my girls to "Started From The Bottom" being hyped that we are on our way to the top!

xx Slim


  1. Stunningly GORGEOUS.



  2. "Best thing ever in the history of life..."

    Yes! I love your videos and that you actually use language just like me. I think you're my verbal life force twin. Super cute dress. I live in Chicago and have a 15% Insider Discount card for Akira good for forever lol... so I need to hit them up again.

  3. Love it. Also, you have such an amazing smile! I'd never know you were hiding those gorg pearly whites from your pictures :)

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  5. I love all the outfits you put together truly inspirational, i think you would like a brand called Bukki, its coming to the US soon in Urban Outfitters, look out for it, I can imagine you making tribal prints look hot!!! x


  6. Love the look, especially the arm accessory

  7. nice outfit and accessories


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