Nov 22, 2012

To Live And Die In LA

UNIF Gwen skirt, TopShop cropped racerback, Levi's denim jacket I stole from my mom, Asos harness belt, Zara cowboy ankle boots, F21 handcuff bangles, Wasteland spiked bangle, vintage watch, Hot Topic leather and spike bracelet, Tobi Lovely Ring and Simple Does It combo rings, gun ring

(Photos by Mindy)

To live and die in LA it's the place to be. You've got to be there to know it. Everybody wanna see. -2Pac

I always find myself getting dressed Chola style when I touch down in LA. I'll admit that my version of Chola is more Gwen than Looney Loc, but the inspiration is still there. So when I headed out to Es Los (East Los Angeles) with my girl Minds to look at murals, I couldn't resist donning my fave costume.

I started with this super cute plaid UNIF skirt I got from Wasteland a few weeks back. It's so school girl gone wrong. I love it:) I added my fave cropped racerback from TOPSHOP and an Asos harness I got in early Summer. Out of laziness, and habit, I wore my current favorite non heels everyone is sick of from Zara.

I finished off my look with a huge old denim I took from my mom and piles of jewelry. It's dope how it took my look from my version of Chola to low key Grunge. It's so many things at once, just like LA. One minute you're chilling with homies and heinas, and the next you're glamorous in Hollywood. And that's one of my fave things about this place. Los Angeles still the only place for me that never rains in the sun and everybody got love...

xx Slim


  1. That harness is awesome! I love your revamped Chola look :)

  2. Love your style!!! You remind me of Aaliyah :)

    1. Ha! Girl I wish that the dopiest compliment ever! xx

  3. Woow, you're beautiful and I LOVE this outfit :)

  4. Love this look!

  5. awesome, you are all over tumblr

  6. I love that LA is my home!!! Everytime I visit I feel the need to shine some city love/comfiness into my wardrobe. Lol! Everything about this post make soooooo much since, you look dope for an East LA adventure, that skirts is sweeeeetttt!!!

    -Morgan Ashley

  7. LOVE the harness! so dope!


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