Money Trees

Sugarlips Barcelona Wander Dress,  Forever21 belt, N.Y.L.A. Zoolander pump, vintage watch, Brandy Melville ring

(Photos by me)

Money trees is the perfect place for shade and that's just how I feel. -Kendrick Lamar

Yo. I'm maaad late with this post from Thanksgiving. First, my cousin C got me sick, so I was rolling around in my bed for like 5 days dying, then I was just being lazy for a few additional days to make sure I was actually well lol.  Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of turkey day. I HATE poultry, and pretty much every other dish most people eat in celebration. I guess the only thing I do like about it is the concept and an excuse to dress up.

In light of the festivities, I wanted to look pretty and classic, so I wore my new dress from Sugarlips. I was a little afraid that the color would exaggerate my lack of a tan, but I somehow managed to look sun kissed (read: bronzer).  It's conservative enough for church and fam time, but still has some edge because of the mesh and cutouts. I usually add some sort of randomness to my ensembles, here it's my shoes.

I was initially going to wear my SOIREE's or some black pumps, but that felt boring, so I tried on my fave shoes circa a year or so ago. They're these dope N.Y.L.A. shoes that closely resemble a Givenchy pair I seen Cassie wear and knew I had to buy. Sadly, I was broke, so these had to do. And I wore them to the GROUND! Even though they are leopard, I feel leopard is a neutral, and I couldn't take them off. I loved this look. Perfect for enjoying my day under the trees.

xx Slim
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