You Da One

H&M jacket, American Apparel tank dress,  Anna Dello Russo for H&M leather crotch high boots, Brandy Melville knuckle ring, Top Shop loops, vintage watch

(Photos by Trevor)

Baby we meant to be you got me smiling all the time - Rihanna

I have spent the last few years on the hunt for the perfect pair of non-stripperish crotch high boots. Stella McCartney and Christian Louboutin made super dope versions, but I couldn't bring myself to spend $3000 on a boot. I'm all for splurging on a shoe or handbag, but I am a freelancer, so I know a reckless purchase could result in weeks of eating 4 for $1 ramen and popcorn and my cable turned off lol. 

Fast forward to about two weeks ago. Just when I thought my legs would spend yet another Winter sad and bootless, H&M debuted their collection by Anna Dello Russo (VOGUE Nippon editor known for her outrageous personal style). While the collection as a whole was just eh..., these boots were YASSSSS! Crotch high, genuine leather, gold adornments, 5 inch heel, and affordable!?! *does Dougie* I probably don't have to explain how excited I am.

After I rushed to H&M to grab these boots, it got conveniently cold in NYC, so I got to wear them a few days later (yay!). I didn't want to start out in full on stunt mode, so I put on my H&M jacket (as a dress) and sashayed through the city. Trust: I fully intend to break out my mink and act a fool as the temperature drops. You guys will probably get sick of how often I wear these, but I'm in love. *starts singing "You Da One" to the boots*

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xx Slim
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