Oct 4, 2012

Purple Rain

(Photos by Trevor)

I only wanted to see you underneath the purple rain -Prince

It has been raining every freaking day this week, which has totally managed to ruin my life and my 'do. As a Californian, it is in my DNA to want to hibernate. After avoiding going outside for as long as I could, I ventured out into the mist, flatiron be damned, to take a stroll through the park and hit up the library with the "Boo".

Anyone who has ever seen "Purple Rain" immediately thinks of Prince in that ruffled blouse and purple suit. When I seen this blouse at Zara during my spree the other week, I knew I had to have a Prince moment. Today's date seemed like the perfect time, especially since the "Boo" dresses so preppy (he literally wears slacks daily). For once I looked more polished than him:).

For my play on Prince, I wore this adorable tuxedo-esque jacket from Sugarlips over the blouse. Me being me, I finished it off with "leather" skinnies. I've been liking heels without platforms as of late, so I wore these dope pumps that remind me of the Louboutin Pigalle pumps I've been trying not to buy. I LOVE this look. It made me feel much better about how flat and frizzy my hair got in this rain haha.  

xx Slim


  1. STUNNING. You may have drawn this look from Prince, but you wear it MUCH better than he did. :)



  2. Chic !

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

  3. You look so chic,love your jacket!

  4. don't hold back- beg borrow steal but get the pigalles. Its the heel worth saving up and lusting for. Patent black 120's will definitely turn heads and gain jealous stares!

  5. i love this post.
    love your blog, just started following!
    follow back?!
    please & thank you :)
    kristin noel


  6. Love the jacket. very chic look



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