Lost In The World

 TopShop mesh embroidered top, Zara mini skirt with front pleating, American Apparel tights, Dolce Vita boots, DIY slave ring, Gun ring, Louis Vuitton bag stolen from Mom

(Photos by Trevor)

Run from the lights/ run from the night / run for your life/ I'm new to the city/ and I'm down for the night. -Kanye

I really love NYC but I'm not built for the weather anymore. It snowed right before Halloween last year, so naturally, I was overjoyed when the weather reached just over 60. I live for days where I can get away with no jacket! They inspire me to show out, and in homage my favorite holiday, I've been doing so all week in all black.  

Feeling super lazy after washing and re-bleaching my hair (I'm re-dying it), I left it straight which I NEVER do. Instead of giving me blah like it normally does, it gave me all kinds of Iggy Azalea creez via The Last Song, so I let it rock. Plus it really stands out in all black everything. We shall see how long this lasts...

To complement my glamazon hair, I wanted a concrete warrior look, so I went with this dope TopShop mesh top and my current favorite skirt I got from Zara. I added my sneaker boots (I call them that because they're so comfortable that I feel that I could jog in them) and headed out to enjoy the city. This look was so dope and worked well during the day, but with hair like this, I'm down for the night.

xx Slim
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