Shadow Play

Bebe Cap Sleeve Contour Contrast dress, Asos leather peplum skirt waist belt,  Club Monaco Christina bracelet,  Zigi NY sandals, random spike/rhinestone bracelet

(Photos by Trevor)

To the center of the city where all roads meet waiting for you... -The Killers

The days are becoming noticeably shorter (yuck), which has me wanting to soak up as much good weather as possible before doom (aka Fall) comes. Per ritual, I found myself heading towards downtown Brooklyn for date day with the "Boo". He shot me in the shadows near the water in this cute little freak'em "we" (I say we because he was with me when I bought it and he actually liked what I chose for once) picked out at Bebe. 

There aren't many times that I will opt to photograph what I'm wearing when the sun is going down. The lighting is terrible. The  shadows bug me. Usually, it's Michael Jackson bad. Today, however, was an absolute exception to the rule. The contrasting light and dark panels of this dress had me in the mood for some shadow play. 

I finished off the look with a dope peplum skirt belt I got from Asos. It tones down the sex this dress oozes and adds more chic. I've been experimenting with wearing more dainty shoes, so I wore my crystal sandals and added some shine with two bracelets the "Boo" bought me. Although he'd seen the dress before, he was still taken by how dope it looked with styling (win). Date day was awesome and we enjoyed the sunset before we slipped in to the shadows of the night. 

xx Slim
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