Lost Without You

Deep plunge blazer , Zara ankle jeans, Bebe racer back top, Triple cross keeper belt , Christian Louboutin platform pumps

(Photos by Trevor)

I'm lost without you. Can't help myself. How does it feel to know that I love you, baby? - Robin Thicke

Each and every one of my electronic devices has committed suicide in the last month or so. This week, I lost my phone and my iPod. While I can deal with the loss of my phone (can you believe the glass from the broken screen actually cut me?), I am very distraught over my music. Normal people have iTunes to back them up. I, unfortunately, do not, as my laptop peaced out on me back in June and I forgot my password. *dramatic pause*

If you haven't noticed already, music is a HUGE part of my dressing process: Beyonce for hair and makeup,'Ye for ensemble, dance in the mirror, and go. Left with only the music in my head, I could hardly concentrate on putting on clothes. Everything became "blah". Colors weren't as vibrant. The mirror seemed blurry. Ok, I'm being dramatic.

Although loss is tough, being in mourning is NO excuse to look slatternly in public. I had to pull it together. I decided to rely on the basics: skinnies, pumps, blazer. There was no will left in me to go through my jewelry, so I perked up the all black/no accessory look by matching my lips and blazer to my nails. Though simple, my fit managed to be just cute enough for the date, shop, etc. on my agenda. Hopefully, I can restore my music. Because baby, I am so lost without you.

xx Slim
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