Aug 8, 2012


Lazy Oaf watermelon skirt (get a simular one here) , American Apparel cropped racerback , Aldo McFarlane sandal , DIY body chain, Forever 21 bangles, Top Shop 3D bangle, random bracelets, Nasty Gal ring  

(Photos by Trevor)

Damn right I love the life I live, 'cause I went from negative to positive. -Notorious B.I.G.

It was all a dream... I would sit in front of the TV watching Batman cartoons and imagine moving to Gotham City. As I got older, the crime fighting fantasies of my youth were replaced by dreams of sashaying down the glittering sidewalks of Manhattan in my Manolo's like Carrie. After high school, I packed up my Dior saddlebags and moved. 

I will admit that New York (on a student budget) is not as glam as Sex & The City, but it is still everything I imagined and more. Every block, gritty and unkempt as they may be, inspires me. Even the piles of garbage on the sidewalk can look beautiful, which brings me to this post... 

We (boo and I) were going on a Pepsi run to the bodega, and he pointed out how dope my skirt would look against the mural-in-progress on the wall. I didn't think my outfit was picture worthy, but he took a few anyway and I love them. We weren't going anywhere, so I had on an experimental pink and purple ombre lip, a basic cropped racer back, my favorite skirt (I got it last year from Nasty Gal), and my Aldo sandals.     

How did I almost miss an opportunity to shoot this?! Sometimes, I forget how lucky I am to be living my childhood dreams. I have to stop and remind myself that even in my watermelon skirt and sandals, I'm still strutting those glittering sidewalks of Gotham. Life is good. And if you don't know, now you know.

xx Slim


  1. THat is one cute skirt!!! Love your body chain that you did yourself! xx, Pip

  2. Loved the content of your post, great story. This is a fun look, you look great. Love the body chain.

  3. I love your blog! Cant wait to see more posts!


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