Jul 18, 2012

Slim x WWMD x Stilleto nails

We all know that I am a huge fan of nail art and am currently digging Stilleto nails. So, my girls over at WWMD, a dope web series that gives women the male perspective on sex/love/dating (and that I happen to do the wardrobe for), asked for my take on the trend that men, my "boo" included, hate. 

Here is an excerpt:

“Nails are one department where some jawns tend to get a little carried away looking like witch doctors and ish. Just give me a girl that keeps em neat, clean and nicely polished on the regular. Anything else is going to make me limp.”—Devon, 26

“Somebody needs to explain to me why women are into this? Watch, Shaniqua scissorhands are going to be what’s hot next. I feel like women are quick to hop on the next big thing that Rihanna’s sporting, not even really thinking if it matches their personal style. I guess if you can make it work for you, do you, but really those things are scary, useless and add no value to a female.”—Shawn, 27

Yikes! Well Shawn, you gon learn today! Our style gawdess and gal pal Shayla from AllThingsSlim is currently addicted to stiletto nails and might just use em to carve an S on your face if she caught sight of even half a side-eye. Okay, perhaps that last part is made-up f-cked upness, but it was fun to imagine. Here’s what she has to say in defense of her jagged edges:

Love them or hate them, this is hilarious! Check out WWMD , my argument for this "finger fashion", and the rest of the article here

xx Slim


  1. You have got some pretty DOPE nails! <3

  2. This is totally cool, chic, & creative!

  3. Colorful nails, you really full of energy to do something like this. Actually for me i'd like to choose the simple black chain strap bag and it from cwmalls.com , maybe you can have a try!


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