Jul 10, 2012

Poppin' My Collar

Pop collar blouse via Nasty Gal , Forever 21 shorts and necklace, Dolce Vita Jemma boots , NARS lip color in Schiap, random bracelets and .45 ring

(Photos by Trevor)

Now ever since I can remember I've been poppin' my collar. Poppin', poppin' my collar. -Three 6 Mafia

It is hot than a mug in NYC, but trust me: I am NOT complaining! Weather like this means sandals (I can see my toes!), BBQ's, and, my fave, a tan. Yes. There is constant sunshine in Cali, but I still get ultra hyped for good, rain-less weather in NY. And nothing goes better with sunshine and tan skin than neon.

I have been living in neon tops and cut-offs all week for everything from 1st Saturday's at the Brooklyn Museum to BBQ's and the club. Today, I had a lunch date/stroll through the Brooklyn Botanical Garden on my agenda, so I kept up my theme in these F21 shorts and Nasty Gal top. Judging by the smile on the "boo"'s face upon my arrival, I'd say it was a hit.

To say that I love this top would be an understatement. The collar is everything. To add to the color pop effect, I also threw on neon lipstick. I'm tragically allergic to grass, so I wore my still fave booties (don't they remind you of Mr. Crabs' feet from SpongeBob? Awesome) to avoid a rash. Even with sandals (once I was far from grass), this look was still hot. It totally screams Slim. Because ever since I can remember I've been poppin' my collar...

P.S. Check out my features on Fashion Bomb Daily and I Am Me Fashion by clicking the links.

xx Slim



  1. You look so gorgeous! I love your shoes and That top is POPPING GIRL!! PLEASE VISIT,COMMENT AND FOLLOW MY BLOG AT http://allofthatgoodstuff.blogspot.ca/....i followed your blog!

  2. ah the joys of nasty gal! amazing outfit, the color pop is a total day brightener!


  3. You look great!
    And your hair is very inspiring me for a new "do"

    Happy blogging!

  4. new way to colorblock!!!! Thanks for the interview!

  5. Saw your blog on BlackGirlsandKilling it! I am really loving your style! I am your newest follower, i would really love it if you would visit,comment and follow my blog.

  6. I love that top and combination I was inspired to illustrate it.. loves it



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