National Anthem

Silence & Noise Goddess maxi dress ,  Top Shop Harness belt , Sharp Bullet necklace , Jessica Simpson Dany platform, Forever21 arm bangle, .45 gun ring, Ruby Woo lip color  

(Photos by Trevor)

Money is the anthem of success, so put on mascara and your party dress. -Lana Del Rey

I'm your national anthem/ Boy put your hands up/ Give me a standing ovation. And clap he did when he saw this look. It was a gloomy weekend in NYC, but in this dress, I shined like a star. I had to work different jobs throughout the day, but I had to fit in some date time, so I needed something easy to change in and out of. 

Easy doesn't have to mean boring, so I went with a simple, yet sexy, maxi dress from Urban Outfitters. It fits me perfectly (it's rare that something actually fits my waist) and the slits in the front give all kinds of drama when I walk. We hung out near the water in the financial district, so there was also plenty of wind to emphasize how major this dress is.

Of course I couldn't just be pretty in my dress and red lipstick, I had to break out the gun ring, the bullet necklace, and my current obsession: my harness belt from Top Shop. I fully intend on wearing it to death because it is just that awesome. Doesn't it remind you of a gun holster? Ahhh... it's a love story for a new age.

xx Slim
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