Jul 16, 2012


Ball and Chain dress via Top Shop , Jeffrey Campbell Dominique platforms , Forever 21 cross necklace, cross armband , vintage watch, random bangles, .45 ring

(Photos by Trevor)

I'mma rock this ish like fashion as in going 'til they say stop. -Rihanna

They can say whatever because I am feeling way too hard today. I've got my all black on, my bangles are on full cardiac a-wrist mode, not to mention, the spikes, cut-outs, and piercings (!!!). I'm definitely getting my fly on. 

With nothing in particular on my agenda, I wanted a ready-for-anything look. I decided a dress would be best. When I started my nails, I had prints in mind, but they turned out being a dark/cross/wilderness combo. So hard. They required red lipstick and crosses. The dress I put on had to have the same edge.

I absolutely love this dress. It manages to be simple, pretty, and dangerous, at the same damn time. Plus, the barbell piercings holding it together are EVERYTHING. Of course I couldn't resist wearing my fave spiked shoes and tons of silver. I really feel like I'm 'bout the hottest bish in heels *cocky voice*. Ah yeah yeah yeah!

*P.S. A lot of people have asked who does my nails. I do! I love DIY. Would you guys be interested in design tutorials? Let me know.

xx Slim


  1. Hey Darling!
    I just found your! It's so amazing!
    Love the shoes!

    Huge hugs Gittemary.blogspot.com


  2. Such a cool outfit, you look fierce :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

  3. I love your shoes girl! You look really DIVA

    Visit http://allofthatgoodstuff.blogspot.ca/

  4. learning how not to be a silent reader. this is my effort! u rock. lol <3

  5. I love your style and your blog! your shoes are gorgeous!

  6. wow these shoes are gooorgeous! you have amazing style.




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