Jul 26, 2012


Top Shop cropped top , Nasty Gal Totally Exposed Blouse  , Forever21 shorts, Doc Marten's 1460 boots , Club Monaco friendship bracelets

(Photos by Trevor)

Eyes all stickin' like honey on bees. Look at that, look at how they lookin' at me - Wale feat Gaga

BK chillin'. Summertime chillin'. My name Shay D. and I came to get it! Ok, clearly I'm a terrible rapper, but let me be great lol. I love those days when I can just relax, chill with my friends, and enjoy the nice, non-humid weather. Today was definitely one of those days. 

When it's this nice outside, you're so excited to get out that you don't really feel like putting too much effort into your look.  The simple task of getting dressed can take up valuable time you could've spent on a rooftop somewhere. These days make you appreciate jeans, a Tee, and lipgloss.  

For my chill look, I went with a cropped racer-back and high waist shorts. The California-like weather (cooler, 70-ish nights as opposed to 99 degree humid nights) permitted me to finally break out this amazing cut-out, front-less top I ordered a few weeks back. It's so different and made a perfect topper. I finished it off with my Doc Marten's. No heels today,  I'm just chillin'.

xx Slim


  1. gorgeous photo love the outfit you look amazing!

  2. I love this whole look the blouse is edgy and modern


  3. you look slammin! love that top, what a great buy!


  4. Great! Love your high waisted shorts and the blouse is so cool!! Love pink :P
    Would you like to follow each other? I've just followed you :)


  5. great look, luv ur blog too plz feel free to check my personal blog out also once u get a chance xoxo http://meandmyrails.blogspot.com/


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