Rock Steady

DIY necklace, ring and shoes, Zara blazer, Top Shop tee, Nasty Gal skirt, Aldo belt, vintage watch

(Photos by Trevor)

We're tired but sleeping is our shanty love. Be careful now, don't wake it up. It's never gonna last. - No Doubt

Times Square is probably one of my least favorite places in New York. I cannot express how annoying it is to be stepped on and bumped into by tourists when all you want to do is get to your destination. It can honestly make you snap. Luckily, I had on shoes that double as weapons :).

In homage to a pair of next level shoes Christian Louboutin fashioned for Rodarte, I studded out these old stripper heels a few years ago. They'd been long forgotten in the wasteland (read: my storage), but I found them the other day and discovered that my love for them had endured. I emerged from my unit looking like slatternly wench, but these shoes were well worth it. Yes, they are extreme. Dangerous even. But it is my personal philosophy that one can never wear enough spikes.

With so much going on in the shoe department, I just threw some jewelry and a tee on with a blazer and this amazing neon pink skirt. I swear that this color is made for me, and it gives the perfect amount of Rock & Roll. Although my punk era was long ago, and I've evolved in to more of a lady, I don't think I'll ever abandon my spikes. Our love is so rock steady.

xx Slim
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