Jun 24, 2012


American Apparel shirt , H&M pants I cut in to shorts, Marciano heels , DIY necklace

(Photos by Shala)

And now you've become a part of me. You'll always be right here. -Linkin Park


Driving in LA is hell: traffic is always heavy and the radio sucks. In an effort to ease my suffering, I dug out my old stash of CD's. Seeing all of my The Used, Fall Out Boy, and Interpol CD's made me nastalgic! Ahh the days of cruising to school with my top down and Taking Back Sunday on full blast... One of my all-time fave CD's is Linkin Parks's "Meteora", so of course I was ultra hyped when I found it. I immediately proceeded to playing it non-stop.

With my new tunes in place, I was much more amped about my drive to brunch -Chester does that to a gal. I didn't want to put too much effort in to my look because I was tired from screaming along (plus I was hitting the beach afterward). I threw my drawing covered AA shirt over these H&M pants that I cut in to shorts. It's easy, yet nice enough for brunch.

No one likes to peel off a million things before they lounge on the beach, so jewelry was kept to a bare minimum. The hugeness of the shirt also made for a dope bikini over-up. Overall, I think it was perfect for my mood. Feeling inspired by my blast from the past, I wanted to shoot in front of this dope meteor-esque sculpture at the Museum of Latin American Art. I no longer have a covertable, but the feeling is all the same.

xx Slim 


  1. LOVE this outfit! the details really make this a standout. your diy necklace is great, love that it looks like a glam bolo tie!


  2. Such a fun edgy look for brunch and the beach, I love it :)

  3. Just came across your blog, you have a very cool & effortless style! Can imagine how much fun you had listening to you old CDs, hope you had a blast @ the beach!

  4. Girrrrrrrrrrrrl!!!!! I'm so in love with your Ombre hair!!! Do you mind if I feature you on my blog's facebook page this week?!


  5. Girllllll! I love your style soooo Much, just came across your blog and i can't stop scrolling down! Please visit,comment and follow my blog at http://allofthatgoodstuff.blogspot.ca/


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