Jun 4, 2012


Truly. Madly. Deeply. skull cut out back tee via Urban Outfitters ,  Jeffrey Cambell France boot via Shopbop , Nasty Gal cross chocker, Top Shop cross necklace, random bracelets, Forever 21 cut-off shorts

(Photos by Trevor)

I said it must be 'cause a ----- got doe. Extraordinary swag and a mouth full of gold. - A$AP Rocky

I'm still not exactly sure what trill means, but I think this Truly. Madly. Deeply. skull shirt I got from Urban qualifies. Combined with all of these amazing gold crosses, it takes my "going shopping" shorts/boots/tee ensemble to a level far above basic. You're in the midst of greatness. 

When I'm shopping, I like to wear something easy to get in and out of. Consumed by my current crush/obsession with A$AP Rocky, I   wanted to take my usual casual dopeness to trill level. It started with the shirt and shorts. This Top Shop cross chain, though simple, adds the perfect amount of interest to a shirt that's so normal in the front -but amazing in the back. 

I finished the look off with my fave boots and a wrist full of bracelets and watches. I swear I got stopped all day for outfit details. I think I managed to accomplish full trill lol. What do you guys think and what do you like to shop in? Let me know.

xx Slim


  1. I pretty much exclusively purchase online these days (something I desperately need to get over), so I've never given thought to wearing clothing that makes me more agile. Makes absolute sense! That's one pain removed from the in-person shopping experience; thanks. Even if the skull cutout weren't there, I'd still really like this as a basic tee b/c it looks to have a great suppleness. I love, love, love your necklace, and I've just got a closer look at your rings. Dope. I like how you went exclusively silver on the hands, and gold on the wrists.

    1. Changing in and out of difficult outfits in dressing rooms irks me! lol Thanks. I'm so loyal to my fave silver rings and although I once hated it, I kind of love mixing metals now.

  2. omg love the hair..i want :-)

  3. Your blog = my new favorite! That t-shirt is so funky and I love that cross chain.... this will be one of my daily stops!


  4. I want to know how you got no bra on. It my sound inappropriate but I need to know the secret cuz the bra showing is what has turned me off when buying shirts like these. Help!

    1. Nipple covers! Or, if you're busty, wear a really pretty bra. I like neon pink or lace. Think of it as an accessory. In the right context, it isn't trashy.



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