Jun 21, 2012


Chiffon wrap romper and cross body chain via Nasty Gal , Marciano sandals, vintage watch, bracelets via Melrose and Forever 21

(Photos by me)

I go anywhere in the world and just make it my home. -Wiz Khalifa

I am beyond enjoying being back in LA for a bit. The weather is great, the beach is gorgeous, but I'm mostly just obsessed with all the new stuff that came while I was gone. Like a child on Christmas, I tore through my goodie boxes as if I was jacked up on sugar cookies. At first, I regretted not having it sent to me, but getting it all at once was sensory overload in a good way.

One of my fave scores has to be this amazing cross body chain from Nasty Gal. I absolutely love crosses, so it is literally the best body chain ever. I was headed to a late lunch and a fashion presentation, so I paired it with this super dope romper and piles of bangles that clanked with my every movement. I felt fashion show fresh.

I have been wearing way too much black this week in dedication to my nails, but I love love love this look. It's so versatile and easy. On days like this, I need an outfit that will work pretty much anywhere because driving home to change sucks. I got a million and one compliments. Just an everyday life when you're young and bossin'.

P.S. Nasty Gal featured me on their blog! I'm so hyped. Woot! You can check it out here .

xx Slim


  1. But wait! I'm tying to get into your nails and that arm candy! I love this whole look :)

    1. Thanks! You can see my nails better in Heavy Metal Lover. xx

  2. I love that cross body chain..

  3. I need you as my stylist!! But I can't afford one :( You always look stunning! Do u ever have a bad style day? Like a day when you just don't feel like dressing nice? it doesn't seem like you do.
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