Jun 27, 2012


 Total Stud blouse via Nasty Gal , Mink Pink Slasher Flick shorts , vintage purse I stole from my mom, DIY body chain, Asos shoes, .45 gun ring

(Photos by Ceep)

Diamonds on my neck. Di-diamonds on my grill. -Kelis

I'm bossy. Or at least I feel like I am with this super boss, studded out collared shirt on. It really is perfection: stud detail on the collar, cut-outs on the sleeves, and it's my favorite color. Win. I was hanging out/hitting a movie etc. with the girls, so I wanted to be California casual cool(CCC) with an edge. I feel that I achieved it with this look.

I was devastated when the white sold out in small a month or two back, so you know I jumped on it when it came back in stock. With all of the neck detail, I didn't need much more. I threw on some bangles, layered my bodychain underneath, and tucked it in to these ahh-mazing MinkPink cut-offs I bought last year.

I'm all about taking my CCC to the next level with dope details. Because of the accessories and collar, this fit would look just as cute with flat sandals as it does with heels. What do you guys like to wear to edge up your casual dopeness? I'm clearly a sucker for studs and spikes. You know why? 'Cause I'm bossy!

*PS: I get a million questions about my ombre hair. I did it myself over the course of a year. Would you guys be interested in a tutorial video? Let me know.

*P.S.S: Yes, my hair is pink and blue. I was experimenting with using chalk to color my hair and I couldn't decide lol.

xx Slim


  1. that shirt is incredible and your accessories are even moreso! that chunky silver watch is the perfect complement to your spikes. and hell yes to the tutorial video! seriously can't believe you did your ombre yourself!


    1. Thank you thank you xx I'll work on getting one on the site soon.

  2. You are so freakin Cute .. Damm im jealoux love your style :-)

  3. OMG love ur style, cute blog hun, follow each other?

  4. your always on point girlll:-) keep it up.

  5. Nice pics, I'll follow you and if you want you can follow me back :)

  6. love the outfit hun; those shoes are badass !

  7. love this look!!! <3


  8. Are you a model? You make me wanna go hide under my bed or at least hit the gym Now! LOL!Please visit,comment and follow my blog at http://allofthatgoodstuff.blogspot.ca/.......!

  9. I bought the same shirt from Nasty gal! Hasn't arrived yet, post office in Brazil sucks :( love your pics, great inspo on how to wear it! you have great style!


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