Jun 21, 2012

ALLTHINGSSLIM x Black Fashion Bloggers Interview

I caught up with Nika of Black Fashion Bloggers, a super dope blog dedicated to showcasing black bloggers, and did an interview about shopping, my style inspiration, and what I'm wearing this summer. Peep this sample:

So tell us about yourself, who is Slim?
I'm a smooth bi-coastal player and lover of fashion and music. Especially rachet music lol. I have been living between NYC and LA since '04 and work freelance as a stylist. My friends would probably say I'm kind of insane, but I give really good advice.

Where do you get fashion inspiration?
Everywhere. People watching and music give me random ideas... New York and LA have completely different approaches to style. Over the years, I have found a way to pull from both and make it work. I will say that being in New York for longer than 6 months will make you wear black daily though lol. Coming back to Cali makes me want to wear color.

Where do you like to shop?Online mostly. I can easily become obsesed with a certain item and sites like Polyvore help me track it down. I love Nasty Gal. For actual store visits, I like Top Shop and Soho in general in NYC, Melrose and The Wasteland in LA. 

You can check out her blog and the rest of the interview here .

xx Slim

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