May 29, 2012

Chain Heavy

BeBe body chain , Newport racer back and Jeffrey Campbell Dominique Spike platforms via Nasty Gal , Top Shop Leigh  skinny jeans , random bracelets, vintage watch

(Photos by Trevor)

They tried to tell me my chain broke the levy. Maybe 'cause it's flooded.  -Kanye West

My chain heavy. Yeah, yeah, my chain heavy... And there's no better way to add a little weight to a basic racerback and jeans than to toss on a statement chain. I usually make my own body chains but this BeBe one is hawt honey!  

A racerback and nipple covers are my best friend (being a member of #teamittybitty, I detest bras) and I literally own 8 pairs of these Top Shop LEIGH jeans because they really are the best jeans ever. But lets face it, even the best jeans and tee can equal boring. Jeans and a tee + hat, spiked platforms and body chain = low key dopeness. 

Every girl deserves a low key, dressed down, day, but I say do it with some flare. Yeezy taught me to always shine. See: "My teeth already white, y'all gone make me floss for nothing!" While this look is simple, it still has enough "oomph" for me to not feel like a slatternly winch. Who says casual has to be boring?  No sir, not I.

xx Slim


  1. You make me a believer in accessories! Not just the metal ornaments, but the hat as well. I don't think I would give those heels a second look under normal circumstances, but the simplicity yet fearlessness of the rest of your look sets them off! It just works, and makes 'em so much more attractive. Maybe I get distracted, but I swear you hardly get to see a mani+pedi flaunted in one look on blogs. It's like one or the other is bare nails or concealed by shoes or w/e else. Love seeing your colors!

    1. Yes! They can Make an outfit. Haha I'm addicted to the color on my toes, 24/7 by Sinful Colors. I have been wearing it every. single. day. for like 2 years

  2. I want your shoes......Where did u get your top?
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