May 10, 2012


Joyrich x Giza Geometric harem pants and BO+B by Hellz Bellz bralet via Karmaloop, cropped leather jacket via BeBe, Christian Louboutin Lady Clou peep toe pumps via Neiman Marcus, bullet necklace, torquiose ring and beaded bracelet via Nasty Gal, Vintage watch, Random metal and skull braceletes, spiked cuff from Hollywood BLVD sex shop, .45 ring

(Photos by Trevor)

I could freak a fit that pump with the peep and you know what your bish becomes when her weave in...  -Azealia Banks

So, I was in the 212 -well, the 917 actually, bringing all types of Gwen Stephani in this purple lipstick. I'll admit, this is not for the faint. I got the veto on the lipstick but decided to trek on towards the closet anyway, lips unwiped. These had to be seen.

Feeling a lil rough, (I'm a hoodlum. You know you were too once) I decided to whip out the spikes and pull on these awesome Joyrich x Giza rainbow MC Hammer pants. Add to that this dope bralet, and I was def feeling like an updated, urban version of the Queen of the Tragic Kingdom. Swoon. Get your camera.

It's hard to find fans of harem pants as they can go all kids of wrong and leave you a "Precious in the hips" mess. But I welcome the challenge. It's all about taking risks. I'm all about that life. F**k are you in to, huh?



  1. Love your blog and this outfit! :)

  2. Love this! Shared on my blog and website!

  3. THIS!!!! is giving me all types of life! Absolutely LOVE everything!


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