Apr 20, 2012

Purple $wag

 Racerback tank, Lush blazer, and necklaces via NastyGal, cropped Forever21 trousers , Christian Louboutin Daffodil pumps via Saks , random bracelets, .45 ring

(Photos by me)

That purple swag. Purple swag. That purple smoke up in my clothes.  -A$AP Rocky

I said everything is purple (swag), everything is purple (swag swag swag)... Okay. Maybe not purple, but this all-cobalt-everything look gives me life. I've been throwing this blazer (and all of my  neon ones) over all black since I purchased it last Fall. Not because I wanted to, but because there were very few good quality color options in stores.

Now, I can't swing my hair without bumping in to a window display full of vivid brights. Case in point, I walked past F21 (I HATE this store. I'm no snob, I just get overwhelmed by the racks on racks) and had a near orgasm when I seen all of the non-cheap-looking color options. I have to say these cobalt pants look far more expensive than they were. Bravo F21. I rushed home and tried them with my other blue pieces and this monochromatic banger was born.

Few color looks have the same impact as mono in a vivid color and different textures does. Color-phobes will even admit it looks haute. The potential downsides? Breaking necks and next-level swag. As you know, I'm all for Purple swag. That trill ish.

*note: everthing is the same shade. The materials photograph differently*

xx Slim




  1. That's not BLUE?? I thought I got all A's in kindergarten :(

  2. lol Yes. Colbalt. But because we love A$AP, we are going to call it purple $wag

  3. I love the location of your photo's just as much as your outfits :-)


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