Apr 25, 2012

The Block Is Hot

Blazer, skirt, cropped top, and necklace via Nasty Gal, vintage watch, Senso wedges via Karmaloop

(Photos by Shala of www.themonaaway.com)

My block hot. My block burn. My block on fire. What about yours? - Lil Wayne


Warning: this outfit is VERY bright. As a neon addict, I do not believe one can ever go too far. In fact, I have no qualms about blinding passers-by with my squint-inducing ensembles. With that being said, one can see why I find neon color blocking hot. I love any excuse to pile it on.

I absolutely live for these wedges, and I'm not even a wedge girl (I'll take my heels 6inch+ and chunky please), but all of that extra foot support gives me the extra neon I crave. Sometimes, I like things strictly based on their color. My skin tone seems to be just perfect for white and neon. When going this bright, a neutral can help those beautiful colors stand out more (Yasss!). My fave white blazer did the trick in this outfit. 

I can thank my fave online store for the brightest orange skirt I have ever seen. Seriously. Pictures cannot capture just how bright this skirt is. It was love at first sight. I will admit that you have to be brave to wear this neutral-less as I did later that night. It can be overwhelming to some. But as you know, to me, more is more. And I like my block hot.

xx Slim


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