Apr 9, 2012

All Of The Lights

(Photos by Shala of www.themonaaway.com)

Cop lights. Flash lights. Spot lights. Strobe lights. Street lights. All of the lights. All of the lights. - Ye

Can't front: I want y'all to see this... So of course I had to hit the Urban Light sculpture by Chris Burden at LACMA in this banger.

These vintage-y looking striped skinnies were gathering dust in my closet SCREAMING for a chance to come out and play. Enter this next level denim jacket from UNIF (swoon). Patches, profanity, and spikes? Yes please! It was truly love at first sight.  

Clearly I'm excited about this look. But I'm even more excited to keep you guys updated on the latest Slim adventures. Plenty more to come.

Please stay tuned.

xx Slim

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